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Bible Study

Delving into the Bible is more than a habit - it's a journey that unlocks wisdom, encourages spiritual growth, and deepens our connection with God. Join our vibrant Bible studies to explore different aspects of the scriptures, discovering timeless truths that inspire, comfort, and guide us on our individual paths of faith.


Tuesday Breakfast Bible Study

Join our Tuesday Morning Bible Study at LePeep on Union. Our mission is to deepen our understanding of the Bible, strengthen our connection with God, and foster a spirit of community. Throughout the year, we actively support Family Promise by providing meals and childcare, creating a meaningful impact in the lives of

those we serve.

Women's Disciple Study Group

"Gather with us on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:30 PM in the warm embrace of a welcoming home. Let's delve into the richness of God's word, sharing insights, and building connections in the comfort of community. Join us for an evening of fellowship, growth, and spiritual nourishment."

Tuesday Disciple Life Group

Embark on a journey of faith with the Tuesday Disciple Life Group at 7:00 PM. Dive into the wisdom of the previous Sunday's Gospel and join us in service projects, including serving dinners at Family Promise homeless shelter every quarter. Our small group format encourages open sharing, heartfelt prayers, and spirited discussions, creating a deep sense

of connection.

Women’s Bible Study

Join us for Women's Bible Study every Monday at 7:00 PM. From September through May, we dive into various books and Bible studies, weaving our way through God's word. Be part of our sisterhood, where we share life stories, strengthen bonds, and make a difference in our community through

our Christmas outreach project.

Life too hectic for our Bible studies? No sweat! Embark on the adventure from your favorite spot at home. The ELCA's daily Bible readings bring the word to you, wherever your cozy corner may be.

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