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About Lutheran Church of the Master

Strengthening Relationships,

Serving the World:

- with God,

- through the Worshiping Community

- for the World.


Our Welcoming Statement

LCM is proud to be a Reconciling in Christ congregation. As the living body of Christ we invite all to God's table, to worship, to participate, or simply to rest at Lutheran Church of the Master. Whatever your religious background–whether it is strong, wavering, or nonexistent; whatever your race or ethnicity; whatever your age; whatever your sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression; whatever your physical, emotional, or mental ability; whatever your economic circumstances; whatever your personal struggles; whatever your family configuration, we love you for every aspect of who you are. We joyfully strive for racial equity, protecting the environment, and social and economic justice, as well as breaking down walls, serving the community, and loving one another. We affirm those who have known the pain of exclusion or discrimination in church and society. God‘s grace includes you!


Our Lutheran Heritage

We honor our Lutheran heritage with reverence, embracing traditional worship practices that have enriched our faith for generations. While rooted in tradition, we also recognize the need to adapt Jesus' timeless teachings to the complexities of the modern world, striving to embody his message of love, inclusion, and compassion in all aspects of our community and ministry. Our commitment lies not only in preserving tradition but also in innovation, evolving to meet the spiritual needs of today's diverse congregation. We create a dynamic, inclusive space where all are welcomed to journey together in faith.

Our RIC Commitment

Our commitment to being a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation is integral to our identity and mission. We proudly affirm and embrace LGBTQ+ individuals, striving to create a welcoming, inclusive community where all are valued and celebrated. Additionally, we actively advocate for racial equity and justice. We recognize the importance of dismantling systems of oppression and standing in solidarity with marginalized communities. Our dedication to being an RIC congregation reflects our belief in the inherent dignity and worth of every person. This guides us in our pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.

What to expect

Step into our welcoming embrace at LCM! Your first visit promises a warm reception from our Bread Ministry, offering you a gift bag filled with bread, treats, and insights into our vibrant community. If you have little ones, they'll be invited to join Sunday School at the service's outset, rejoining later for communion. Following the service, indulge in coffee, tea, and delectable snacks courtesy of the HEART Ministry, and engage in delightful conversations that forge connections extending beyond the sanctuary. At LCM, your first visit isn't just an introduction—it's the start of a beautiful journey among friends.

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